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SD Card Murder in Anchorage, Alaska

alaska murder usa

On September 30th, 2019, an Anchorage woman was walking past a grocery store in Fairview when she noticed an SD card laying in the middle of the street. Curious, she pocketed the flash drive, which was ominously labeled “homicide at midtown Marriott” and took it home. One couldn’t be blamed for imagining the SD card to be some sort of prank, after all Halloween was on its way and no killer would be foolish enough to commit a crime and so boldly label the evidence with incriminating details, would they? When the woman opened the folder she found 39 image files...

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What happened to missing 10 year old Alaska girl Ashley Johnson-Barr?

alaska Ashley Johnson-Barr kidnapping murder peter wilson sexual assault usa

(Mentions of child abuse contained in post. reader discretion is advised) Ashley Johnson-Barr was just 10 years old when she went missing from a playground in Kotzebue, Alaska on September 6th, 2018. Ashley often played with her friends at Rainbow Park on Lagoon Street but always made sure to return home no later than 8PM. She was a happy little 10 year old, always smiling; a little ray of sunshine. (Source) On the 6th of September she went out to play and never came home again. The last sighting of her is confirmed to be around 5:30PM – 6PM at...

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