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Is this a secured website? Is my info safe? 

Yes! We're hosted on Shopify, which is a secure e-commerce platform. Your information is safe. 

When will I receive my order?

Do you ship internationally? 

Are duties and taxes charged on international orders?

 Will I receive shipping updates or a tracking number? 

Can I change my shipping address? 


Spilt orders or Partially fullfilled orders

Do you offer any additional sizes? 

I think I ordered the wrong size. Can I change my order? 

Can I cancel my order? 

Do you offer returns?

What if something is wrong with my order?

Although we do not accept returns, if there is an issue with your order please email us with your name and order number at

What is that smell?

Care Instructions

For best results, care for garments as follows:

 Can I cancel my order for a digital product?

I can't download the premium episode onto my mobile device.

You may have to download premium episodes from a laptop or desktop computer. If you have Dropbox on your mobile device you can download directly to Dropbox. Please make sure you are signed into your Dropbox account first before downloading.

If you still have issues please email us at