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Woman goes missing on honeymoon, foul play suspected.

isabella hellmann lewis bennett murder usa

On the 15th of May of 2017 a 41 year old real estate agent from Florida went missing while on a belated honeymoon trip with her husband. Isabella Hellmann and her husband of three months, Lewis Bennett, ventured out on a 2 week sailing trip starting on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean.  They planned to travel through Puerto Rico and Cuba before finally returning home to Florida, when on the last leg of the journey, Hellmann went missing. (Source) Lewis Bennett, an experienced sailor from Dorset, England, claimed that he was sleeping below deck at around 1AM when...

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What Happened to Mollie Tibbetts?

Cristhian Bahena Rivera mollie tibbetts murder. usa

Twenty year old Psychology student, Mollie Cecilia Tibbetts, went missing while out on a jog around the city of Brooklyn in Iowa on the evening of July 18th. (Source) Brooklyn is part of Poweshiek County, just north of I-80 and just off highway 6. The city has a population of around 1500 residents and is considered as a safe place to live by many. Before the disappearance of Miss Tibbetts many residents confessed they felt so safe that they didn’t even bother to lock their doors. On the day she went missing Mollie was dog-sitting at her boyfriend’s house. When...

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The Murder of Laura Jean Ackerson

murder usa

In 2011 a North Carolina resident named Amanda Perry Hayes was sentenced to 13-16 years in  prison for her involvement in the murder of Miss Laura Jean Ackerson. Ackerson was the ex-girlfriend of Amanda's husband, Mr. Grant Ruffin Hayes III, who was sentenced to life in prison for first degree murder.  (Source) In 2011 Miss Ackerson was living in an apartment with her two young children in Rayleigh, North Carolina. She was enjoying her independence and had just started two new Graphic design businesses and things seemed to be going well for the 27 year old. Life wasn’t perfect just yet, however, as...

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The Murder of Cooper T. Wertman

murder robbery usa

At 9pm on the 6th of February 2016, Emmaus police received a call alerting them to a disturbance at the Emmaus Hotel on 424 Chestnut St, Upper Milford Township. A screaming woman was mentioned in a criminal complaint. When an officer showed up to the scene he was directed to the third floor where two residents were attempting to save the life of a teenage boy who appeared to have been stabbed and was surrounded with a pool of his own blood. The boy was taken to the nearest hospital but unfortunately died from his injuries later that night at...

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Christopher Watts Charged with the Murder of his Wife and Children

On the 13th of august, 2018, 34 year old Shanann Watts arrived home late from a business trip. She was dropped off at her house in Colorado by a friend and co-worker who watched her safely close the door behind her before driving off. Shanann used to work at a children’s hospital as a phone operator, but had recently secured a much more glamorous position at a health and wellness company called “Le-Vel”. She sold and distributed freeze dried health food for the company, and although she mostly worked from home, she would occasionally go on business trips both domestically...

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