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Austin Colson

cold case missing murder

On the 11th of January 2018, at around 11am,  nineteen year old Austin Colson walked out of his apartment in Royalton, Vermont and was never seen alive again. (Source) Clad in a camouflage jacket, a white baseball hat with his company logo and blue jeans, he set off for the day with the intention of collecting scrap metal around the area. Austin wound never return.  In interviews with the media Colson’s family describe him as a good kid who was doing well for himself in life. He had started up his own company named “A & C painting” and when the...

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The Jenner Beach Murders - Solved?

cold case shaun gallon solved case

On the 14th of August 2004 an engaged couple set off on a romantic road trip through Northern California. Twenty two year old Lindsay Cutshall and her twenty six year old fiancé Jason S. Allen had met two years earlier in 2002 while Lindsay was at university. The pair bonded over their faith and soon began a romantic relationship. They were both Christians from small religious towns and both worked as councilors at an adventure camp for Christian children called “Rock n’ Water” based in El Dorado County, California in the Sierra Nevada foothills. (source) The couple loved their jobs, so...

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What Happened to the Hart Family?

abuse domestic violence hart family

Last month we looked at the case of the Turpin family and the abuse of their 13 children, this week we’re going to take a look at a similar case that came to a devastating end- the story of the Hart family. (Source) The matriarchs of the Hart family, Sarah and Jennifer Hart, who were both 38 years old, adopted a total of six children into their family whom neighbors and acquaintances claim were mistreated, underfed, assaulted and punished  regularly.  Careful social media crafting hid the pain of the Hart children and the alleged dark nature of their adoptive parents. ...

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Katie Fusco and Steven Pladl: Father marries daughter and kills her after breakup

incest murder suicide triple murder

If you are experiencing domestic violence please do not hesitate to reach out for help. You may find the following helplines and resources useful: 1800 respect (AUS)  / National helpline (UK) / Asian Pacific domestic violence task force (USA) / Women’s health Gov. (USA) / Helplines worldwide (WORLDWIDE LIST) If you are a child / know of a child suffering from abuse at home or elsewhere, please alert an adult, such as a relative or teacher. If you do not have someone to confide in please visit one of the following resources: National child abuse helpline (AUS) / Child Helpline...

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Missing: Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman

kidnap murder rape solved solved murder

We can’t start this post without mentioning a recent breakthrough in the infamous, unsolved case of the East Area rapist. If you don’t already know, the East Area Rapist (commonly referred to as “The original night stalker, “EAR/ONS” and “the Golden gate serial killer”) has finally been identified and taken into custody this week. (Source.) The East Area rapist is responsible for the murder of at least 12 women and at least 50 rapes in the state of California between 1971 – 1986. EAR/ONS evaded the law and went undetected for over 30 years before recently being identified as 72...

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