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The murder of Sydeny Loofe - Tinder date murder

missing missing fraud murder

On the 15th of November 2017, 24 year old Sydney Loofe of Lincoln, Nebraska, set off to meet a woman she had met through the Tinder dating app. She posted a selfie on Snapchat after getting dressed and applying her makeup, “ready for my date” the caption read. The following day she neglected to show up for work at Menard’s home improvement where she worked as a cashier. She failed to call in sick to work, which was completely out of character for her, so her worried parents filed a missing persons report with the local police. (Source) Posters with...

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The Knights of The Crystal Blade Cult

abuse cult knights of the crystal blade

Heads up: This post contains mentions of sexual abuse. Reader discretion is advised. For those in need of help, information or advice: (UK) (AUS) (USA) (WORLD) On the 6th of December 2017 police raided a compound near the town of Lund, just south of Salt Lake City, Idaho in the search of two missing children. The dramatic search was launched after local authorities received a tip regarding the whereabouts of a missing 4 year old Hattie Briella Coltharp and her older sister, 8 year old Dinah Elizabeth Coltharp. (Source)  Their brothers, Seth and William, had been rescued earlier that day...

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Viktoria Nasyrova

attempted murder murder murder theft

(Source) In late 2016, Olga Tsvyk opened the door of her apartment in Queens, New york to the sight of one of her customers, a 42 year old woman named Viktoria Nasyrova, whom she knew as a client at the salon she worked at. Nasyrova had pleaded with the beautician to fix an “eyelash disaster” she was having and requested that she visit her in her home for an appointment.  They weren’t close friends by any means, but the pair had been acquainted for the past 6 months as Viktoria had booked routine appointments for eyelash extensions at the salon....

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Gerald Kenneth Dunlap and the Janie Landers Cold Case

cold case cold case solved cold case solved solved case

The Fairview training facility was a center for individuals with developmental issues and learning disabilities in Salem, Oregon. The establishment opened its doors in the 1900’s and remained open until the early 2000's. The property and surrounding land eventually changed hands in 2004, when it was sold off to Sustainable Development Inc. Fairview housed and treated thousands of patients over the years and in the 1970s, one those patients, 18 year old Janie Landers, went missing from the hospital on the 9th of March 1979. Janie, although legally an adult, had the mental ability of an eight year old child and...

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Nikolas Cruz and the Florida School Shooting

florida shooting guns mass shooting school shooter school shooting

On Valentine’s Day 2018, a teenager climbed out of an Uber outside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parker, Florida. Armed with a semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle and a backpack containing extra ammunition, he entered the building and began to set off the fire alarms with the intention of mowing down the students as they inevitably began to exit the building. He set off smoke grenades and shot at students who were fleeing through the corridors, before climbing to the next floor and spraying bullets into classrooms of cowering kids. (Source) The assailant then made his way up to...

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