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The 1988 Murder of April Marie Tinsley Solved?

april tinsley cold case cold case solved indiana solved

On April 1st, 1988, eight year old April Marie Tinsley headed out of her home at 300 West Williams Street, in Fort Wayne, Indiana with the intention of playing with some friends in the neighborhood. It was Good Friday, she had just got out of school and was in high spirits as she said goodbye to her mother who had walked her out into the street. (Source) While the kids were playing outside it began rain. April informed her companions that she was going to retrieve her umbrella, which she had left at another friend’s house just a couple of...

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The Murder of Benjamin Eastman

disappearance murder

The following post contains details that some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised. Sixteen year old Benjamin Eastman was a well-liked kid. His classmates describe him as kind and caring, funny and likeable. Browse through his Facebook account and you’ll see that he was very close to his father. Pictures show the two fishing, riding dirt bikes together and laughing and embracing in selfies. (Source) During the early hours of June 24th, after finishing up a videogame session with his dad, Benjamin left his father’s home in Randle to meet up with his friend, Benito Marquez. The boys planned...

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The Murder of Arlis Kay Perry Finally Solved?

cold case murder solved

On the night of October 12th 1974 in Stanford, California, a nineteen year old woman named Arlis Kay Perry made her way to the Stanford Memorial Church after a row with her husband, Bruce. The newly-wed couple had gotten into an argument about the tire pressure on their vehicle and in order to cool off, Arlis decided she’d make her way to the local church to pray in the peaceful surroundings. She was a staunch Christian and had been her whole life. (Source) The young married couple had met while attending Bismarck High School in Bismarck, North Dakota. Arlis was...

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Remains of Missing Man Michael Shaver Found

florida missing man

On Valentine’s Day of 2018, 35 year old Michael Shaver of Clermont, Lake County, Florida was reported missing by a concerned co-worker who hadn’t seen him since 2015. (Source) Shaver, who worked as a mono-rail technician at Disney world Florida, stopped showing up to work and according to his wife never returned to the home they shared at 9850 Sandy Pines Road. The last time she claimed to have seen him was in 2014 when he left the house for good after getting out of jail following a domestic battery charge. According to various articles, the couple had gotten into...

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The Murder of Kevin R Thompson

john dickinson Kevin R Thompson murder

In late-May of 2018 a 46 year old Pennsylvanian man named Kevin Thompson suddenly dropped out of contact with his friends and family. (Source) He was last seen at work on the 26th of May but neglected to show up the next day or call to announce that he wouldn’t be attending. This behavior was very out of character for Kevin, who his employers describe as a “model employee”. Thompson worked at Myers Well Service in Pittsburg and according to his Facebook profile had been driving trucks for most of his working life. His mother waited five days before officially...

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