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Manhunt for teens suspected of triple murder in Canada

canada murder triple murder

24 year old Chynna Noelle Deese of Charlotte, North Carolina and her Australian boyfriend, 23 year old Lucas Robertson Fowler met while travelling in Croatia in 2017. They were highly compatible and very similar in nature and inevitably fell in love with each other. Fowler lived in British Columbia Canada and in the summer of 2019 the pair planned a three week long camping trip through Canada’s nation parks and rural country landscapes. The two were excited for the trip, not only because they would get to spend time together but also because they loved traveling and adventure. (Source) CCTV...

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Disturbing details emerge in the case of the unethical treatment and sale of donated cadavers in Arizona

crime usa

A Biological Resource Center in Phoenix, Arizona that was officially closed down in 2014 has been the subject of headlines recently after the details of the original FBI raid were publically revealed in court in a civil lawsuit against the facility. The FBI was originally searching for evidence on a multi-state case of the illegal trafficking and sale of human body parts, however they got more than they bargained for when they were met with what can only be described as a scene from a horror movie inside the lab. (Source) Scattered and piled around the facility were severed pieces and parts...

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Albert Flick Too Old to Kill?

albert flick murder usa

Forty-eight year old single mom, Kimberly Dobbie, lived in Maine with her two young sons. She was staying at a local shelter with her kids after recently relocating to Lewiston and although it was a bit of a struggle at first, the small family were quickly finding their feet in the new city and were soon lined up to move into an apartment of their own. (Source) Dobbie and her boys were at the public library one day when they were approached by an elderly man. He struck up a conversation with Kimberly and offered to buy food for her boys. It...

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Young Women Escape Florida Doomsday Cult

cult florida usa

On July 1st two female escapees of an alleged Doomsday prepper cult walked through the doors of the local Wakulla County Sheriff's Office in Florida to report their captors. They identified their adoptive parents, 58 year old Mirko Ceska and his wife, 55 year old Regina Ceska, as their abusers and went on to describe the conditions they had been living under for the past decade. They told officers that they had run away a couple of days earlier, before finally deciding to report the couple. Regina Ceska is employed by a nursing center called “Consulate Health Care of Tallahassee”-...

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Missing Kansas Teenager Found Dead

kansas missing usa

Seventeen year old Jasmine Mills went missing on the 27th of June after setting off alone to do an odd job for an older male acquaintance. She had been instructed to wake the man at 4AM and help him with various chores, which included cleaning and taking out trash. Jasmine’s mother described her as a sweet and caring girl, carefree and easy going. She was the eldest of four siblings, trusted people easily and saw the best in others. She liked planes and had aspirations of being a pilot one day, but that dream would be taken from her all...

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