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Alleged Detroit Serial Killer May Have More Victims

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Residents of East Detroit have been the a grip of fear after multiple sexual assaults and murders went unsolved from the spring of 2018 – 2019. Over the span of a year the bodies of several women, all female and in their fifties, were found in abandoned houses around Detroit. The victims were found either nude or in a state of undress and had all been sexually assaulted. They had been positioned face down and each had a used condom left next to them. The slain women were discovered in shocking conditions, the crime scenes were bloody and it would later be...

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1972 Murder of Terri Lynn Hollis Solved After Almost 5 Decades

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Yet another decade’s old cold case has been solved this month with the help of genetic genealogy databases and this time it’s the long unsolved murder of 11 year old Terri Lynn Hollis. (Source) On Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd, 1972, 11 year old Terri Lynn Hollis and her 16 year old brother, Randy, were at their home in Torrance, California.  Terri was restless and went to play outside on her bike at around 3PM, never to return. The local police were alerted and Terri was officially reported as missing. Officers, who arrived at the girls home at around 9PM, searched...

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Cathy Woods Released After 35 Years

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On the 24th of February 1976 a 19 year old nursing student named Michelle Mitchell studying at the University of Nevada broke down in her car at the side of the road on 9th Street and Evans Avenue. (Source) She called her mother for assistance, but several minutes later, Michelle was nowhere to be found. After a couple of hours of searching the body of a young woman was discovered in a nearby garage. Her throat had been slit and her hands were bound behind her back at the wrists. The body was quickly identified as the missing teen. There...

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Woman Kills Father with Poisoned Burger

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In January of 2018, 45 year old Denver, Colorado resident, Dayna Michele Jennings, was visited by local police who had been urged to perform a welfare check on her 69 year old father, John Mussack. Mussack was registered as living at the address and had not been seen for a month, nor had he been officially reported as missing by his daughter. (Source) Mussack had not been in contact with friends or family for almost all of December 2017 and his brother had grown concerned at the uncharacteristic lack of communication between them. Dissatisfied with his niece’s explanation of the...

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John Russell Whitt Charged with Murder After Two Decades

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Eight year old Robert “Bobby” Adam Whitt and his mother, forty four year old South Korean national, Myoung Hwa Cho, went missing from Concord, North Carolina in 1998. Myoung Hwa Cho disappeared in May, followed by her son Bobby just over two months later. Cho’s husband, John Russell Whitt, told friends and family that she had left him and taken her son back to South Korea, because of this, extended family members didn’t look for them and they were never officially reported missing. (Source) Bobby’s cousins missed him and over the years they often wondered what had become of the kind...

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