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Mary and Elwyn Crocker Effingham County Georgia

abuse children elwyn crocker georgia mary crocker murder usa

On the 20th of December, 2018, the Effingham county sheriff's office received a phone call concerning the well-being of a local teenage girl named Mary Crocker. The caller said she “feared” for the 14 year old girl’s safety after learning disturbing information about the child’s abusive home life. The local authorities were no stranger to the address on Rosebud place. Officers had received complaints about the residents and their dogs before, they had also responded to complaints of domestic disturbances and fights between the several adults living there. The Division of Family and Children Services had also been alerted to...

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The Murder of Molley Lanham and Thomas Grill

indiana murder usa

  The last time anyone saw 19 year old Molley Lanham and 18 year old Thomas Grill alive was February 25th. The couple went missing from Indiana after going out for a drive in their black Honda Civic over a week ago, leaving behind no clues to their whereabouts. But an anonymous tip submitted to the Porter County Sheriff’s Office this week has lead officers to arrest a suspect in what is now considered a possible double homicide. (Source)  The tipsters not only described in great detail what happened on the night the teenagers went missing, but also gave the general...

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Man Arrested In Connection With Murder Of Linda O' Keefe

child cold case Linda o' keefe murder sexual assault solved usa

On Friday July 6th 1973, an 11 year old girl named Linda O’Keefe went missing while walking home from Lincoln Intermediate School in Corona Del Mar. (Source) She would usually ride home on her bicycle, which would take around 15 minutes or so, or get picked up by her mother, but on this occasion she walked. She had gotten a ride from her piano teacher around 8AM that morning, so she was unable to ride her bike back.   Linda waited to see if her mother would pick her up after school and walked around a local market before calling...

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Isanti Businessman Jerry Arnold Westrom Accused of 1993 Murder

1993 genealogy Jeanne Ann Childs jerry westrom Minneapolis murder solved usa

Ask neighbors and acquaintances of Jerry Arnold Westrom what kind of man he is and they would describe him as a friendly and generous Hockey dad who loves his family and is very active in his local community. They would tell you he is a supporter of the 4-H program, a youth program that provides learning opportunities in areas like science and technology as well as the chance for kids to participate in confidence building community projects and programs to promote healthy lifestyles. He owns his own organic farm, they would say, and supports the 4-H program by offering his services...

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Valerie Reyes Found in Suitcase

greenwich missing murder new york suitcase usa

On the 5th of February 2019 a highway worker in Greenwich, Connecticut discovered a large, red abandoned suitcase in a wooded tract, just 15 feet from the highway.

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