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Tobias Rathjen: 2020 Hanau Shootings

germany mass shooting shooting tobias rathjen

On February 10th, 2020, at around 10PM, 43-year-old Tobias Rathjen walked into two Shisha bars, Midnight Bar and Arena Bar & Café, in Hanau, Germany and opened fired on the patrons with a Glock 17. Most of the customers were Kurdish, Turkish and north African. He fled the scene in his own vehicle where he returned home and shot his 72-year-old mother, before shooting himself. His father was able to escape. 11 people, including Rathjen and his mother, are dead as a result of the attack and 5 have been left injured. (Source) Media outlets reported the shooting as a...

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Lawrence “Larry” Ray Indicted in Connection to Alleged Sex Cult

cult usa

Lawrence “Larry” Ray, now 60, of New York City, has recently been indicted on several charges dating back to 2010, including extortion, sex trafficking, money laundering and forced labor in connection with an alleged sex cult he started out of a college dorm. In 2010, after being released from prison, Ray moved into Slonim 9, a townhouse his daughter shared with several roommates on campus at the elite Sarah Lawrence liberal arts school. He had been in prison over a custody dispute after accusing his ex-wife of abusing their daughters- an accusation that investigators eventually concluded to be unfounded. (Source)...

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Rafael and Maribel Loera Charged with Child Abuse and Concealment of a Body

abuse AZ child usa

Firefighters in Arizona made a tragic discovery recently while battling a small blaze at a house near Camelback and 59th Avenue, Phoenix, when they happened upon the skeletal remains of what they believed to be a child were found concealed in the drywall of the attic. The January 28th discovery launched an investigation into the homeowners, Rafael Loera, 56, and Maribel Loera, 50, who had adopted several children into their family. (Source) Rafael, who worked as a teacher’s aide, soon began to talk and admitted that the remains were that of his 10-year-old adopted daughter, Ana, who he claimed had...

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Thai Serial Killer "Ice Metal Casket"

asia murder serial killer thailand

In the early eighties a wealthy market owner in Bang Khae, Thailand, watched in annoyance as a fifteen-year-old girl named Nuanprang Bunnag tapped on the glass of a fish tank, distressing the fish inside. Soon after the teenage girl was found dead and dismembered, her remains disposed of near Wat Phraya Krai. Investigation into the slaying would reveal that the market owner, Chaloemchai Ongwisit, had ordered his brother-in-law to assist him in Nuanprang’s murder. After a long stint in prison Ongwisit was released, only to be fatally shot. His wife, who was suspected to have ordered a hit against him,...

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Recently Solved Cold Case Leads to Suspected Serial Killer

cold case cold case solved missing murder serial killer solved usa

Over four decades ago sixteen-year-old student, Pamela Maurer, was found raped and murdered by the side of the road near College Street and Maple Avenue in the small village of Lisle, DuPage County, Illinois. The cause of death was ruled as strangulation and a nearby rubber hose found at the crime scene was believed to be the ligature used in her murder. On January 12th, 1976, Maurer had been visiting a friend in the neighbourhood.  When it came time to leave, the teenager decided to head to a nearby McDonalds to buy a soda when she was snatched off the...

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