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The unsolved case of a 1978 triple homicide in the Australian outback

australia cold case murder triple homicide

    In October of 1978 three friends planned the Australian road trip of their dreams that would eventually turn into a nightmare. Gordon Twaddle, Timothy Thomson, his girlfriend Karen Edwards and their dog, Tristie, planned to ride from Alice Springs to Melbourne through the Australian outback.  From the remote town of Alice Springs in the arid Northern territory the three friends and their animal companion, who was riding in a makeshift sidecar with Timothy and Karen on their pricy new red and gold BMW R100S, planned to ride to Cairns, a tropical city in Queensland, most often visited by...

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Man accused of murdering roommate claims to be a serial killer

crime murder serial killer usa

A 32 year old tattoo artist named Nicholas Brent Gibson was arrested earlier this month in New York, in connection with the murder of his ex-roommate. (Source) Gibson was approached and detained by transit officers at a subway station in the East Village at around 9:30AM, where he was arrested for the murder of 77 year old Erik Stoker who had been killed in Florida several days earlier. The officers had received a wanted poster featuring the heavily tattooed man and recognized him instantly. Police believe the 32 year old was on the run at the time, but do not...

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John Arthur Getreu charged with murder of Janet Ann Taylor

1970s california murder solved usa

On the 24th of March 1974, 21 year old student, Janet Ann Taylor, visited her friends near Stanford University in Palo Alto, in the San Francisco bay area. The pretty brunette wasn’t enrolled, but her father, Chuck Taylor, was the school's athletic director and she worked for a maritime information center in the area. Janet studied just 6 miles away at Cañada College in San Mateo County and since it was no more than a ten minute drive between campuses she would often hitchhike between the two places to meet up with friends. (Source) On the night of March 24th,...

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Commercial airline pilot arrested for alleged involvement in 2015 triple homicide.

christian martin homicide murder triple murder usa

A US Commercial airline pilot was arrested Saturday for his alleged involvement in a 2015 unsolved triple homicide.   (Source) Fifty one year old Raleigh resident, Christian Richard “kip” martin, was apprehended at Muhammad Ali International Airport, Louisville just minutes before takeoff. Local Marshalls and police escorted him off the scheduled domestic flight from Louisville to Charlotte and booked him down at the Christian County Detention Center in Hopkinsville, KY where he is currently being detained without bond. Martin had been employed as a Bombardier CRJ first officer at PSA for around a year and a half and started working...

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Lexington man charged with the 2013 killing of his girlfriend

cold case murder solved

On the evening of January 28th, 2013, the Asheboro police department received a phone call from a man who said he had found his girlfriend dead in their home on Cherokee Street. When the dispatcher asked the man to describe the scene he replied: “There’s a hole in her neck.” He stated that his name was Roger Lee Martin and that he was 31 years old. Martin was instructed to stay on the line and wait and was informed that officers had already been dispatched and would be arriving soon. “Who would want to kill her?” He pleaded down the...

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