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The Generation Why Podcast Blog — attempted murder

Viktoria Nasyrova

attempted murder murder murder theft

(Source) In late 2016, Olga Tsvyk opened the door of her apartment in Queens, New york to the sight of one of her customers, a 42 year old woman named Viktoria Nasyrova, whom she knew as a client at the salon she worked at. Nasyrova had pleaded with the beautician to fix an “eyelash disaster” she was having and requested that she visit her in her home for an appointment.  They weren’t close friends by any means, but the pair had been acquainted for the past 6 months as Viktoria had booked routine appointments for eyelash extensions at the salon....

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Amy Caroline Brown

attempted murder solved

In late January of 2017, a young man received a reply to an advert he had posted on Craigslist. “Good Evening! Let’s go zombie hunting!” was the title. The 29 year-old, who lived with his parents, had been advised by his therapist to meet people and have a more active social life, so, as many people do these days, he reached out for friendship online. He received a response from a 24 year-old woman from Edmonds, WA, named Amy Caroline Brown. The pair decided that they would meet up for a date at a sports bar called “Cliffhangers” in Lynnwood...

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