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Recently Solved Cold Case Leads to Suspected Serial Killer

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Over four decades ago sixteen-year-old student, Pamela Maurer, was found raped and murdered by the side of the road near College Street and Maple Avenue in the small village of Lisle, DuPage County, Illinois. The cause of death was ruled as strangulation and a nearby rubber hose found at the crime scene was believed to be the ligature used in her murder. On January 12th, 1976, Maurer had been visiting a friend in the neighbourhood.  When it came time to leave, the teenager decided to head to a nearby McDonalds to buy a soda when she was snatched off the...

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Ernest Broadnax Arrested in Connection with 1973 Virginia Beach Slayings

cold case cold case solved Ernest Broadnax Janice Pietropola Lynn Seethaler murder rape usa virginia

In the summer of 1973, two teenage friends took a road trip from Pittsburgh to Virginia for a week long vacation in the quiet coastal city of Virginia Beach.  (Source) Best friends Lynn Seethaler, an editorial assistant and Janice Pietropola, a secretary, both 19 years of age, rented a cottage motel together on 10th street and Atlantic Avenue near the Oceanfront. They spent their days on the beach, swimming and sun bathing and their evenings relaxing with a few beers, often in the company of new friends they had met while vacationing.  On the final day of their trip the...

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The 1988 Murder of April Marie Tinsley Solved?

april tinsley cold case cold case solved indiana solved

On April 1st, 1988, eight year old April Marie Tinsley headed out of her home at 300 West Williams Street, in Fort Wayne, Indiana with the intention of playing with some friends in the neighborhood. It was Good Friday, she had just got out of school and was in high spirits as she said goodbye to her mother who had walked her out into the street. (Source) While the kids were playing outside it began rain. April informed her companions that she was going to retrieve her umbrella, which she had left at another friend’s house just a couple of...

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Gerald Kenneth Dunlap and the Janie Landers Cold Case

cold case cold case solved cold case solved solved case

The Fairview training facility was a center for individuals with developmental issues and learning disabilities in Salem, Oregon. The establishment opened its doors in the 1900’s and remained open until the early 2000's. The property and surrounding land eventually changed hands in 2004, when it was sold off to Sustainable Development Inc. Fairview housed and treated thousands of patients over the years and in the 1970s, one those patients, 18 year old Janie Landers, went missing from the hospital on the 9th of March 1979. Janie, although legally an adult, had the mental ability of an eight year old child and...

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Suspect in 1989 cold case arrested almost 3 decades later

cold case cold case solved mandy stavik murder timothy bass

Back in 1989 Amanda Teresa Stavik, known as “Mandy” to friends and family, was just 18 years old. (Source) The blonde haired, bright-eyed teenager lived in the rural, picturesque area of Whatcom County, Washington, where she was a resident of a census-designated place known as Deming. She had moved to the area when she was 12 years old, and was a popular young woman in the sparsely populated community. Mandy had graduated from Mount Baker High School and was a freshman at the Central Washington University in Ellensburg, where she partook in various sports, such as basketball and softball. She...

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