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Young Women Escape Florida Doomsday Cult

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On July 1st two female escapees of an alleged Doomsday prepper cult walked through the doors of the local Wakulla County Sheriff's Office in Florida to report their captors. They identified their adoptive parents, 58 year old Mirko Ceska and his wife, 55 year old Regina Ceska, as their abusers and went on to describe the conditions they had been living under for the past decade. They told officers that they had run away a couple of days earlier, before finally deciding to report the couple. Regina Ceska is employed by a nursing center called “Consulate Health Care of Tallahassee”-...

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Son digs up mother's skull over 2 decades after murder

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Bonnie Lynn Pasciuto Haim was just 23 years old at the time of her disappearance from Jackson, Florida in January of 1993. (Source) Bonnie was employed as an accountant at a company owned by her husband’s Auntie. Her husband, Michael Haim, worked alongside her. The petite brunette went missing from her home on the night of January 6th after cancelling plans with her relative and employer, Eveann. The two had plans to meet that night but Bonnie cancelled via phone stating that she couldn’t go as she had gotten into a fight with her husband. Eveann would later describe Bonnie...

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Remains of Missing Man Michael Shaver Found

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On Valentine’s Day of 2018, 35 year old Michael Shaver of Clermont, Lake County, Florida was reported missing by a concerned co-worker who hadn’t seen him since 2015. (Source) Shaver, who worked as a mono-rail technician at Disney world Florida, stopped showing up to work and according to his wife never returned to the home they shared at 9850 Sandy Pines Road. The last time she claimed to have seen him was in 2014 when he left the house for good after getting out of jail following a domestic battery charge. According to various articles, the couple had gotten into...

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