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New Documents in Jayme Closs Case Reveal Details of 88 Day Captivity

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Thirteen year old Jayme Closs was abducted from her home in Barron County, WI on October 15th, 2018. Her kidnapper murdered both her parents and bundled her into the trunk of his vehicle before speeding off into the night. As time passed and nothing was heard from the missing teenager, those following the case began to lose hope that she was alive, but miraculously, after a total of 88 days in captivity, the teenager stumbled up to a resident living in S. Eau Claire Acres Cir , Gordon, WI and announced: “I’m Jayme Closs. He killed my parents. I want to...

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Jayme Closs Found in Gordon, Wisconsin

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Thirteen year old Jayme went missing from her home in Barron County on Monday October 15th, 2018 after an unknown assailant shot through the door of her house and killed her parents.  

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