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Missing Kansas Teenager Found Dead

kansas missing usa

Seventeen year old Jasmine Mills went missing on the 27th of June after setting off alone to do an odd job for an older male acquaintance. She had been instructed to wake the man at 4AM and help him with various chores, which included cleaning and taking out trash. Jasmine’s mother described her as a sweet and caring girl, carefree and easy going. She was the eldest of four siblings, trusted people easily and saw the best in others. She liked planes and had aspirations of being a pilot one day, but that dream would be taken from her all...

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Mackenzie Lueck Remains Found

Ayoola Ajayi mackenzie lueck missing murder USA

On the 17th of June a 23 year old student went missing from Salt Lake City after ordering a “Lyft” to an address in North Salt Lake. Mackenzie Lueck, originally from California, had traveled home to attend her grandmother’s funeral. She took a return flight to Utah, arriving at Salt Lake City airport at around 1.35AM. Once there, she made contact with her mother via text to confirm that she had landed safely. She sent the first message at 2:01AM and the second at 2:42AM. She then ordered a “Lyft” ride to “Hatch Park” (50 west Center Street, North Salt...

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Priscilla Brooten Missing Woman Suspected Murdered

Australia cold case missing unsolved

 Priscilla Brooten was 40 years old when she decided to uproot her life in the U.S and move to Australia for a fresh start. “I don’t want to get tied down here” she told her friends and family before relocating to Queensland. She spent her early years in Redcliffe, a beautiful and picturesque residential suburb on the coast, before moving over to Brisbane to stay with a boyfriend. Brooten was a literature student and worked as a Zumba instructor and part time cleaner in Brisbane. The former American beauty queen had always been interested in dance and fitness and was...

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Why did Brian Rini claim to be missing child Timmothy Pitzen?

Brian Rini hoax imposter missing timmothy pitzen usa

Timmothy Pitzen went missing from Aurora, Illinois in 2011 when he was just six years old. On the morning of May 11th his father dropped him off at Kindergarten at Greenman Elementary. Around half an hour later Timmothy’s mother,  Amy Joan Marie Fry-Pitzen, showed up to the school to take him out, due to what she told officials was a “family emergency”. (Source) A trail of witnesses and CCTV footage showed that the mother and son spent the following two days together taking day trips to a zoo and a water park. Amy made a call to her family on the...

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The Murder of 11 Year Old Amberly Alexis Barnett

Amberly Alexis Barnett Christopher Wayne Madison DeKalb County missing murder usa

On March 1st, 2019, 11 year old Amberly Alexis Barnett went missing from her Aunt’s mobile home in Alabama. (Source) Amberly, lived in Polk County, Georgia with her mother, Jonie Barnett, but had been living with her Aunt at her trailer in Collinsville, Alabama near Mount Vernon, when she disappeared. On the evening of March 1st, her Aunt took a quick trip to a local Walmart with her boyfriend and left Amberly home alone. Amberly had asked for Chinese takeaway for dinner and had decided to stay home and eat while her guardians went out to the store. When they returned at...

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