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Racine County Jane Doe identified

cold case jane doe solved usa

On the 21st of July 1999 in Raymond, Wisconsin, a man and his teenage daughter were out walking their dog, as they had done every day for several years, when they noticed some strange depressions in the ground. It had been raining the night before and a clear drag mark was present in the earth. Curious, they followed the trail to the edge of a nearby cornfield where they discovered the bruised and battered body of a young woman. She was shoeless, dressed in a gray western style button-up shirt with a red floral embroidery about the chest and black...

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Murder of Traci Hammerberg Solved After 35 Years

cold case murder rape solved usa

On the evening of March 14th 1984, 18 year old Saukville resident, Traci Hammerberg, went to meet up with friends near a local grocery store after finishing her baby sitting session. (Source) The teenagers were heading to a party in Gratton later that night, but first decided to have a couple of beers at “Quades Tavern” in Port Washington. The bartender remembered Traci, they made small talk and she told him about her plans later that night. After a night of partying in Gratton Traci decided it was time to call it and night and leave. She left the party...

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1972 Murder of Terri Lynn Hollis Solved After Almost 5 Decades

cold case murder solved usa

Yet another decade’s old cold case has been solved this month with the help of genetic genealogy databases and this time it’s the long unsolved murder of 11 year old Terri Lynn Hollis. (Source) On Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd, 1972, 11 year old Terri Lynn Hollis and her 16 year old brother, Randy, were at their home in Torrance, California.  Terri was restless and went to play outside on her bike at around 3PM, never to return. The local police were alerted and Terri was officially reported as missing. Officers, who arrived at the girls home at around 9PM, searched...

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Darlene Krashoc Murder Finally Solved?

colarado cold case Darlene Krashoc Michael Whyte murder solved strangulation usa

On the morning of March 17th 1987, the naked body of a young woman was found behind a restaurant on 2710 S. Academy Blvd in Colorado Springs.  Autopsy revealed that she had been strangled to death with a ligature after a night out and Investigators determined that she had been murdered in another location and dumped behind the “Korean Club Restaurant”. The nature of the murder was violent and was clearly sexually motivated. The victim had been raped and beaten before finally being choked to death with a wire clothes hanger. There were also bite marks on her body. The nature of...

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John Arthur Getreu charged with murder of Janet Ann Taylor

1970s california murder solved usa

On the 24th of March 1974, 21 year old student, Janet Ann Taylor, visited her friends near Stanford University in Palo Alto, in the San Francisco bay area. The pretty brunette wasn’t enrolled, but her father, Chuck Taylor, was the school's athletic director and she worked for a maritime information center in the area. Janet studied just 6 miles away at Cañada College in San Mateo County and since it was no more than a ten minute drive between campuses she would often hitchhike between the two places to meet up with friends. (Source) On the night of March 24th,...

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