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Victim in 20 Year Old Utah Cold Case Identified as Lena Reyes-Geddes

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In Garfield County, Utah in April of 1998 a civilian passing through State route 276 milepost 8 noticed something suspicious on the roadside near Lake Powell and Ticaboo. A large bundle, roughly the length and dimensions of a human body, had been discarded just off the side of the road. The passerby contacted the local Garfield County Sheriff’s department and officers were quickly dispatched to the scene. When they unrolled the large rug they discovered a sleeping bag inside. Inside the sleeping bag was a patchwork of various plastic trash bags secured with duct tape and bound with rope. Nobody...

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The Murder of Utah University Senior Lauren McCluskey

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Lauren McCluskey was a 21 year old senior at the University of Utah where she was a heptathlete who ran track and field. Although she was born in Berkeley, California, she moved to Utah with her family the following year after her parents received job offers at Washington State University. She had always been an active child and loved playing outside as a kid. Her energy and love for all things sport continued well into adulthood and her efforts were eventually rewarded with a scholarship in track and field at the University of Utah.  Her friends and family described her...

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The Murder of Riley Powell and Bredlynne Otterson

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Riley Powell and Brelynne Ottesonn (known to friends and family by her nickname “Breezy”) went missing in December 2017. (Source) The teenage couple went missing after scheduling a meeting on December 29th at the house of an older woman in Mammoth, Utah, where they planned to hang out and smoke weed. They had made plans earlier over Facebook before driving there from Tooele in Powell’s blue, 1999 Jeep Cherokee. After leaving the meeting, they failed to return home and were reported missing on the 2nd of January 2018. The older woman Riley Powell had been exchanging messages with was 34...

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