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4th Victim of Tampa Serial Killer?

Last month we looked at the ongoing case of what could be serial killer activity in Seminole Heights, Tampa, FL. At the time of my previous post on the subject, there were a total of three victims: 22 year old Benjamin Mitchell, 32 year old Monica Hoffa and 20 year old Anthony Naiboa. The three were murdered between the 9th and 19th of October by gunshot in what seemed to be random attacks. They were all different races and (as far as anybody knows) had no connection to one another. The three were shot at different points along the same...

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The Death of Kim Wall

kim wall peter masden true crime

Kim Wall (born Kim Isabel Fredrika) was a Swedish journalist born in the small town of Trelleborg in Scania, Sweden in 1987. Trelleborg is described as a quiet and peaceful place known as a Ferry town that sits just 9 miles from the Scandinavian Peninsula. (source) By the age of 24 Kim Wall was well traveled. She had studied at various schools around the world and had resided and worked in numerous countries. She worked as an independent journalist, writing freelance articles for newspapers such as “Vice”, “The Guardian”, “Time” and the “South China morning post” to name a few. ...

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Jemma Lilley

"I feel as though I cannot rest until the blood or the flesh of a screaming, pleading victim is gushing out and pooling on the floor, until all the roads and streets are streamed red and abandoned and the fear in the back of everyone's minds and on the tongue of each human that's left standing is SOS." When we read about serial killers and the atrocious acts of violence they commit, we not only wonder about the motive, but also if the killer showed any early warning signs of what they would become in the future?  Did anyone close...

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Takahiro Shiraishi

Disclaimer: This post contains mentions of suicide, murder and dismemberment. Reader discretion is advised. When feeling vulnerable, many of us take to the internet and social media to ease our pains. Perhaps we’ll find a kind stranger to talk to, or someone we can relate to. Maybe we’ll stumble upon a website with helplines or advice on what to do when feeling low or having suicidal thoughts. Or maybe, if we’re unfortunate enough, we’ll find ourselves chatting to someone like Twitter user @hangingpro. (Source) @hangingpro was the handle of a 27 year old  Japanese man named Takahiro Shiraishi who resided...

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Tampa Serial Killer

murders serial killer unsolved

Residents in Seminole heights, Tampa, Florida, are on high alert in fear of what may be a “serial killer on the loose”. Three people have been killed in the street over the last 10 days by an unknown assailant whom the media has dubbed “the Tampa serial killer”. It’s important to note that, at the time of writing this, there has been no official statement that Tampa is dealing with a confirmed serial killer; however the murders are thought to be possibly linked to one individual. Enzo Yaksic, founder of SHEISC (the Serial Homicide Expertise and Information Sharing Collaborative) who...

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