Bison Dele

July 2002. Tahiti, French Polynesia. On July 6, 2002, Bison Dele, Serena Karlan, Miles Dabord, and Bertrand Saldo left the island of Tahiti bound for Raiatea and eventually Hawaii. They were on a catamaran named the Hakuna Matata owned by Bison. He had ended a lucrative NBA career in 1999 and set out to travel the world. He was joined in early 2002 by his girlfriend, Serena, and his brother, Miles. Bertrand was the captain of the boat. However, no one heard from the boat after July 8 and none of the passengers arrived in Raiatea. Where was the Hakuna Matata? An unexpected business transaction would hold the key to this mystery.

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Pistons’ Dele Retires CBS News 10/22/1999

Player’s brother sought/FBI searching for brother of ex-NBA player SF Gate 9/12/2002

Ex-NBA star’s boat found in Tahiti/FBI stakes out Tijuana for Dele’s brother SF Gate 9/14/2002

FBI Searches Missing Dele’s Sailboat SF Gate 9/15/2002

Witnesses say Dele’s brother brought boat in alone ESPN 9/16/2002

Missing NBA star dreamed far beyond basketball court/Free spirit disappeared on voyage across Pacific on his catamaran SF Gate 9/17/2002

Just missing or triple murder? Dele case is a test of faith SF Gate 9/18/2002

Divers Seek Clues in Dele Case AP News 9/19/2002

Dele’s brother found comatose/Likely slaying suspect is found in hospital SF Gate 9/20/2002

Brother Of Bison Dele Found in Coma The New York Times 9/20/2002

Cops don’t arrest Dele’s brother/ Warrant withdrawn -- coma seems permanent SF Gate 9/22/2002

Dele and Dabord: The Twisting Trail Of Two Brothers The New York Times 9/22/2002

Search Ends for Dele, Companions SF Gate 9/24/2002

High Seas Mystery South Florida Sun-Sentinel 9/25/2002

Suspect taken off life support Chicago Tribune 9/27/2002

Prime suspect in case dies Chicago Tribune 9/29/2019

Dearly departed Rocky Mountain News 10/12/2002

Brothers Linked in Mystery Recalled The New York Times 10/13/2002

Dabord’s Autopsy Released Los Angeles Times 1/30/2003

Lost Soul Sports Illustrated 10/21/2013

The Unique Life And Mysterious Death of Bison Dele Tie Breaker 7/9/2018