Death of Ellen Greenberg

January 26, 2011. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ellen Greenberg was a 27 year old teacher who was engaged to 28 year old Sam Goldberg. He was a producer for a local news affiliate. But after a half an hour or so at the gym, Sam returned to the couple's apartment to find the swing bolt latched. He couldn't get in. After nearly thirty minutes of texting Ellen with no replies, he sought help from a security officer who declined to assist Sam in breaking through the door. When Sam did break through, he found Ellen in the kitchen and unresponsive. He called 911. It was discovered that Ellen had been stabbed to death, but who could have stabbed a woman when her apartment was locked from the inside? Police immediately suspected a suicide, but the first autopsy report and independent analysis suspected foul play. Is this a case reminiscent of a John Dickson Carr novel? Or is there evidence available to solve this mystery? ystery-20190316.html 

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