Death of Mitrice Richardson

September 17, 2009. Malibu California. 24 year-old Mitrice Richardson was arrested by Los Angeles deputy sheriffs in Malibu, California, on charges of “defrauding an innkeeper” and “possession of (less than an ounce) of marijuana.” She had been acting strangely at a restaurant that evening and the manager and waitstaff were concerned for her. Richardson was brought to the remote Lost Hills sheriff’s station where she was held until shortly after midnight, and then released into a dark deserted nowhere. She had no ATM card, no purse, and no phone as it was all in her car that had been impounded. She would disappear until nearly one year later, when her body was found in an inaccessible wilderness area called Dark Canyon, in the Santa Monica Mountains. From the time that she was arrested to the time that her body was discovered, the LA Sheriffs Department was uncooperative. Join us as we discuss a tragic case involving a woman who didn't have to die.