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Eastburn Family Murders


Kathryn Jean “Katie” Furnish Eastburn Find a Grave

At 3rd Trail, Sergeant Guilty of 1985 Triple Murder ABC News 4/8/2010

25 years later, widower recalls slain family The Seattle Times 4/25/2010

Survivor of Triple Murder Grapples With Guilt: ‘Why Didn’t He Kill Me?’ ABC News 9/16/2010

Three Trials For Murder The New Yorker 11/6/2011

An Execution Draws Closer The New Yorker 2/3/2012

Former Fort Bragg Soldier Again Appeals Conviction WWAY News 2/4/2014

Triple murder suspect goes from guilty to innocent and back to guilty CNN 7/18/2014

Master sergeant on death row files new petition Army Times 10/29/2014

United States v. Master Sergeant Timothy B. Hennis U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals 10/6/2016 (I didn’t read the entire opinion)

United States v. Timothy B. Hennis, Master Sergeant U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces 11/20/2017 (I didn’t read the entire opinion)

Appeal by former Fort Bragg soldier who murdered mother and 2 daughters was rejected in military court The Daily Tar Heel 12/5/2016

Military court denies Hennis request for additional support, but says Army could still provide funds The Fayetteville Observer 12/11/2017