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Matias Reyes



The New York Times 8/7/1989

Guilty Plea in -89 Rape-Murder The New York Times 10/8/1991

Convicted Killer Curses Court and Attacks Lawyer The New York Times 11/2/1991

Convicted Killer and Rapist Says He Attacked Central Park Jogger The New York Times 6/12/2002

DNA in Central Park Jogger Case Spurs Call for New Review The New York Times 9/6/2002

Convict Says Jogger Attack Was His 2nd The New York Times 10/5/2002

Likely U-Turn By Prosecutors In Jogger Case The New York Times 10/12/2002

A Crime Revisited: Assessment; Verdict That Failed the Test of Time The New York Times 12/6/2002

A Crime Revisited: The Suspect; “I Just had to Have Her,’ a Rapist Told Lawyers The New York Times 12/6/2002

A Crime Revisited: The Victim; Leading Life In Private And Poised To Go Public The New York Times 12/6/2002

Suspect in Rape Absorbed Pain And Inflicted It The New York Times 12/7/2002

Convictions and Charges Voided in ‘89 Central Park Jogger Attack The New York Times 12/20/2002Suspect Is Held In Fatal Attack And 3 Others

One Trial, Two Conclusions; Police and Prosecutors May Never Agree on Who Began Jogger Attack The New York Times 2/2/2003

A Profile of Matias Reyes NY Daily News 4/9/2013

In Botched Case of Park Jogger, an Altered Life The New York Times 6/26/2014

The True Story of How a City in Fear Brutalized the Central Park Five The New York Times 5/30/2019

The Central Park Five Were Falsely Convicted. Here’s How the Truth Came Out. Esquire 6/1/2019

Before, and After, the Jogger Survivors of the real ‘Central Park Five’ attacker speak for the first time The Cut New York Magazine 6/3/2019

Matias Reyes: The Truth About the Real Attacker in the Central Park Five Case Good Housekeeping 6/17/2019