Skylar Neese

July 6, 2012. Star City, West Virginia. Two BFFs became three when Shelia Eddy and Skylar Neese got to know Rachel Shoaf at University High School. Skylar was always known for being responsible and taking care of her responsibilities. When she disappeared from her home and didn't show up for work, her father knew something was wrong. Once an investigation got underway, Skylar's parents were upset with where it seemed to be headed, but detectives were focused on the missing girl's best friends. As clues were found and a secret was leaked, the truth of what happened to Skylar was both shocking and incomprehensible. What happened to Skylar Neese and why? Join us as we discuss a true crime case of betrayal and heartbreak.

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Teens Who Kill
Skylar Neese murder (semi-comprehensive)
Contains links to official docs, vids, articles
WV Courts
WV News:
Earlier piece; at one point, Shelia briefly considered going to trial. If so, she wanted a change of venue
Dr Katherine Ramsland’s article re: teens who murder

Partners in Crime: 
When two murder together
WV Health Facilities
Killers’ response to Neese’s lawsuit filing

Girl Bullying
CDC data; teen death statistics
Your field guide to the female psychopath
Explains the Insurance issue
Not-so-great site, re: Skylar murder
Shelia Eddy sentencing WV court:
Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy, Personal video:
The 20/20 episode 
(forewarned, it starts with Nancy Grace’s big insensitive face)
More courtroom  footage, courtesy of *sigh* Newsball