Premium Episode - Marvin Heemeyer

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We have all been wronged. We all respond differently to those that have wronged us. When it is the government, we often feel powerless to do anything about it at all. One man in Colorado wasn't going to forgive and forget. On June 4, 2004 after spending months building something secret in his shop, Heemeyer drove a homemade tank through a wall and proceeded to destroy building after building in Granby, Colorado. His tank was outfitted with cameras and rifles. The modified bulldozer was topped with a concrete and steel shell that made it virtually impenetrable and it weighed more than 60 tons. No one seemed able to do anything to stop Heemeyer's rampage. His rage stemmed from a new batch concrete plant that ultimately shut his muffler shop down and the city officials who he felt had screwed him over. Some call Heemeyer a folk hero for "fighting the system". But was he really a hero? Join us as we discuss this ultimate act of revenge and the questions surrounding it.

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