Premium Episode - Wasel and Wael Ali

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 Aug. 22, 2007. Columbia, Maryland. Nineteen year-old identical twins, Wasel & Wael, are best friends. They do everything together. Hanging out with friends. Playing sports. They also cause trouble. In late August 2007, their home is raided by a SWAT team in connection with an incident days earlier in which they had posed as police at a nightclub. Later that day, Wasel is called into work where he is accused of stealing clothing. After admitting his guilt he also implicates his brother in the scheme as well. Their father, Gihad, will send Wael to pick Wasel up from the mall, but only Wael returns home. Days later, Wasel's body is found in an area where the two had played as kids. He had been beaten and strangled. About 4 years later, Wael was arrested for his brother's murder. A crime which he denied having anything to do with.

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