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Alleged Toronto Serial Killer Identified as Bruce McArthur

Bruce McArthur canada missing murder serial killer solved

On the 6th of September 2010, 40 year old Skanda Navaratnam left a bar called “Zippers” in Church-Wellesley Village, Toronto, Canada, in the company of an unknown man. He was never seen again and the unidentified male never came forward. (Source) Zippers was a piano lounge come dance bar frequented by the gay community in downtown Toronto. It was a traditional style set up consisting of bar in the front, which was split off with a heavy, red velvet curtain that led to a more lively area at the back. They hosted cabaret shows and had regular drag acts that...

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Where is Corinna Slusser?

missing missing woman

“Only two years ago... so much was different then. My daughter was a great student, a cheerleader. She had many friends and lived her life as a normal teenager. I need her home and I can’t bear any more days like this. I fear the worst but I pray for the best and her to return home ... waiting for an Angel to hear my prayer” These are the words of heartbroken mother, Sabina Tuorto, whose 19 year old daughter, Corinna Slusser, has been missing since September 20th, 2017. (Source) Corinna was last seen at Haven hotel, a budget motel...

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The Turpin Family Updates

abuse turpin family

Most parents would fall to their knees in despair if they were informed that they were barred from seeing or even electronically contacting their own children for 3 years; but David and Louise Turpin are far from what anyone would refer to as most parents. Today we’re going to continue on with the developing case that has caught the attention of people around the world- the Turpin family “house of horrors”. If you’re not familiar with this story, please refer to the previous post outlining the case HERE<< A video has been released showing the children escaping with the assistance...

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The Turpin Family

perris turpin family

Ever since the Generation Why blog has been active, we’ve explored our fair share of harrowing true crime tales of kidnapping and imprisonment. Most recently, we explored the case of Aloisio Francesco Rosario Giordano, known by his media moniker “the Italian Josef Fritzl”. Giordano kept a Romanian woman locked up for an entire decade in a foul smelling basement, void of water and electricity, where he routinely raped and tortured her and forced her to give birth to two of his children. Since she was shackled to a pole cemented in the ground, she had no hope of escaping and...

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The Murder of Blaze Bernstein

blaze bernstein murder samuel woodward

19 year old pre-med student Blaze Bernstein went missing from Foothill Ranch, California on the 2nd of January 2018. Bernstein had returned to his hometown during winter break from the University of Pennsylvania, when he walked into a park in California, never to emerge again. The following day his worried parents reported him missing to the orange county sheriff’s office and missing peoples posters describing their son and his last know whereabouts began to circulate on social media. (Source) "Last seen around 11 pm. on Jan. 2nd at Borrego Park in Foothill Ranch, CA." The poster read. "Blaze Bernstein is...

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