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The Murder of Alice Ruggles

murder solved UK

On October 12th 2016 the body of 24 year old Alice Ruggles was discovered blue and bloody on the bathroom floor of her apartment in the North East of England. (Alice Ruggles. Source) She shared the residence with friend and flatmate Maxine McGill, who discovered the body and made a frantic call to emergency services. “She’s covered in blood!”, “Her leg looks broken!”, “She’s blue!” Alice’s throat had been slit multiple times. So brutal was the attack, that the blade used to slash at her neck had gone through with such force that it grazed her spine. Maxine voiced a...

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The Beaumont Children

Australia disappearance missing persons

Has the Beaumont children cold case been solved over five decades later? If you’re into unsolved cases you’ll be familiar with the case of 3 children who vanished without a trace from a beach in South Australia in 1966. The case came to be known as “The Beaumont children disappearance”. (Source) The three siblings (between 4 and 9 years old) excitedly set off for a fun filled day at Glenelg beach near the city of Adelaide at round 10AM on the 22nd of January 1966. It wasn’t unusual for the three to take the 5 minute bus journey to Glenelg...

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The Murder of Jimmy Prout

murder solved

At 3.30PM on the 27th of March 2016, the body of a man was discovered on a piece of barren land in the North East of England, just off the A187 motorway. The body was wrapped up in two sleeping bags near the Tyne tunnel (a toll tunnel designed for vehicles that runs under the river Tyne). The green colour of the outer sleeping bag camouflaged the body in the trees and shrubs. Later examination would reveal that the man been dead for around 6 weeks, his body was in a state of decomposition and had been partly eaten by...

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Todd Kohlhepp

murder serial killer solved

Thirty year old Kala Brown set off to do some work at a client’s property on the 31st of August 2016. Although her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, had work of his own to do that day, the client, a real estate agent named Todd Kohlhepp, insisted that only Carver accompany her if she wanted to bring along help. Kala and her boyfriend picked up a set of keys from Kohlhepp’s home and then followed him to the property. (Kala and Charlie. Source) (Kohlhepp. Source) Usually Kohlhepp would provide an address that Kala would tap into her vehicle's GPS, but this time...

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The Murder of Fred Laster

"This is a reminder that justice has no expiration date"- State Attorney Melissa Nelson. On the 5th of June 1994 the torso of a Caucasian, teenage male was discovered behind a gas station in Lake City, Columbia County, Florida.   (image:Google maps) Although the tops of the arms were attached, the legs, head and hands had been severed and were not present at the scene. This could possibly have been done by the killer in an attempt to conceal the identity of the victim, who police believe was murdered elsewhere and brought to the site of discovery. According to the...

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