Missing Woman Kelsey Berreth

April 02, 2022

29 year old Kelsey Berreth went missing from Woodland Park, Colorado on the 22nd of November 2018. Kelsey was officially reported missing by her parents on December 2nd when police failed to locate her at her home near Memorial Park during a welfare check. There was no sign of a disturbance at the residence and none of the missing woman’s personal belongings had been packed, ruling out the idea that she may have voluntarily left for an extended period of time. The police quickly interviewed Miss Berreth's fiancé, Patrick Frazee, who informed them that the last time he had seen Kelsey was on the evening of the 22nd. He cooperated with the police and remained the primary caregiver of their child in Kelsey’s absence, however the lingering question of why he didn’t report his own fiancée missing still loomed ominously over him.

 The last known sighting of her was on the CCTV of a local Safeway supermarket where she was casually shopping. Kelsey has a 1 year old daughter and her family argued that she would never leave her child behind. In the Surveillance footage the missing 29 year old is seen walking into the store with her daughter in a baby carrier. Her hair is tied up into a bun and she is clad in a pale yellow jacket, blue jeans and white shoes.

Several days later Kelsey’s brother, Clint Berreth, made a visit to Kelsey’s home in the hope of finding clues. He made a post on his social media account detailing what he found. "Kelsey did not pack to go anywhere" he wrote and went on to describe how in his opinion she had not packed for a trip and that all of her luggage was still in the home. "Anyone who knows our family knows mom or Kelsey don’t go out in public without a shower, hair done and makeup applied", he added, stating that there was no evidence Kelsey had showered or got dressed as usual that morning. Her bag was missing and the batch of buns she had baked earlier that morning in preparation for Thanksgiving was still in the kitchen, untouched.

Her purse was missing, along with her cellphone which police later tracked back to Gooding, Idaho, after a text was sent from the cellular device. Idaho is over 800 miles away via Interstate 80.  The police had no idea whether or not Kelsey had voluntarily taken a trip to Idaho or if the phone was even in her possession. During the preliminary stages of the investigation they found no link between the missing 29 year old and the state of Idaho, however, local news reports did state that Kelsey was a pilot who worked as a flying instructor and police hypothesized that she may have traveled there due to the low cost aircraft fields located in the state (Gooding Municipal Airport KGNG and High Range Aviation Inc.) however there were no records of her ever being there. Kelsey did not own a plane but was employed by a company named Doss Aviation in Pueblo, Colorado who were contacted by investigators and revealed that they had received a text message from her phone number informing them that she wouldn’t be attending work the following week. None of the Doss Aviation planes were missing from the grounds.

At a press conference in Woodland County on December 11th Kelsey’s mother made an appeal for her missing daughter to contact the family and asked anyone who knew anything to come forward. She also made an appeal to Facebook users commenting on the social media page set up to aid in finding Kelsey not to speculate or hinder the investigation with false information. Kelsey’s fiancé did not attend the conference.

Although they were engaged and had a child together, Berreth and Frazee did not live together. While Kelsey lived at her recently purchased home in Woodland Park with their child, Frazee lived 15 miles away with his mother on a ranch in Florissant on a 35 acre plot of land. His mother is believed to be the owner. Investigators combed Frazee’s property and followed leads that came in through a tip line set up by the local sheriff’s office and Kelsey’s fiancé became the prime suspect in her disappearance.

 Patrick Frazee was arrested early morning on December 1st in connection with Kelsey’s case and was later charged on 3 counts of solicitation to commit murder and two counts of murder. His mother, Sheila Frazee, was also arrested at the ranch but was later released. She plans to appeal for custody of the couple’s 1 year old daughter who was put in the temporary care of Kelsey’s parents after Patrick’s arrest.

 The police have expressed that they no longer believe Kelsey is alive and are now looking for a body.

At a court hearing on December 31st it was announced that Patrick Frazee had been planning to have Kelsey murdered for months before she went missing. Documents detailed three separate attempts to solicit an individual to murder his fiancé during the months of September through November. Frazee’s motivations to have his significant other and mother of his child killed are not yet clear; however, Kelsey had only recently purchased her home in Woodland Park several months before she disappeared.

Kelsey Berreth's body has not been found.


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