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Steven Wayne White

killer murder mystery

I was pretty excited when I saw an update on this case in the news. Although it seemed fairly obvious to anyone reading who the main suspect was, the culprit was never actually charged with a crime at the time. I also believe that the Doe network profile for one of the victims (which you can visit by clicking here) was one of the most interesting I’d ever seen at the time. I must apologize in advance for the quality of the images, but there really aren’t a lot of visuals out there for this case. Let’s begin with the...

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Russian Cannibal Couple

cannibalism murder Russia solved

Warning: reader discretion is advised. This post contains disturbing details and images. On the 11th of September, 2017, Road workers laying down asphalt in the Krasnodar region of southern Russia on Repina street discovered a discarded Samsung cell phone and decided to browse the photo gallery. They gathered around the device in shock as they scrolled through image after image of a man in his mid-thirties posing with various severed limbs and the head of what appeared to be a deceased female. The workers immediately handed the cell phone over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs who opened an investigation...

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Killer Clown Cold Case

cold case murder solved

On the 26th of May, 1990, a 40 year-old Florida resident was murdered on her doorstep at 14570 Takeoff place, Wellington, when she was shot point blank in the face by an assailant clad in a clown outfit. (Source: Google maps) The victim, a woman named Marlene Warren, was having breakfast in the kitchen with her son when she heard a knock at the door at around 10:45am. She lived in a in a luxury home in an exclusive aeronautical community called the “Wellington Aero Club”. As we can see in the Google map image above, there is also a...

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Murder of Susan Mayo

Alabama matricide murder

On 17th of June 2017, 60 year old Susan Mayo went missing from Wilmer, Alabama. (source.) The Mobile County Sheriff’s office was not informed of her disappearance until a week later. They promptly put out a missing persons alert, requesting information and tips from the public regarding the missing woman. All activity on Mayo’s bank account and cell phone had stopped, leading them to believe that that she had met with foul play and they were fairly certain that she was no longer alive. During the investigation, Mayo’s son (who resided with her at the family home at 6153 Glenwood...

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Marcus Volke

Australia murder solved

“I was cooking on my stove”  a calm and collected voice with an Australian accent explained. “It’s an electric stove and the stock pot boiled over, dripped down and got into the oven and basically made this big bang and then the power turned off.” “Does it sound like something you would be able to fix today?” He enquired. Sounds like a completely normal call to an electrician doesn’t it? Following the call, the electrician showed up to the apartment in Brisbane, Australia and was greeted by the resident; a man in his twenties named Marcus Volke, who said that...

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