Savannah Spurlock Missing in Kentucky

April 02, 2022

On January 4th 2019, 22 year old mother of 4, Savannah Spurlock, got dressed in preparation for a night out at a local bar in Kentucky.  She pulled on a figure hugging burgundy red pencil skirt, a black plunge blouse and a pair of stiletto heels before grabbing a cross body purse and heading out to the “other bar” in downtown Lexington, Kentucky.

The “Other bar” is an establishment on S Limestone with online reviews from customers sitting at opposite ends of the spectrum. Their Facebook page “reviews” tab has comments from customers posting between 2015 - 2018 complaining of being harassed by staff and witnessing unwarranted and excessive violence from bouncers along with bad service and rude behavior. The reviews, which seem to serve as warnings to future customers, are also sprinkled with the occasional positive review from those who seemed happy with their visit.

There are 9 text based reviews from Facebook users highlighting their negative experiences at the establishment, here are some examples.

The owners and bouncers belong in jail. They pick fights with customers just for an excuse to take them "out back" and kick their asses - 4 to 6 guys on one kid.” One customer wrote.

Their bartender [Name redacted] is one strange guy. He kept hitting on me and I kept denying his advances. It seemed to anger him to get rejected over and over.. I repeatedly told him that I'm not into guys but he didn't know how to take no for an answer.. he basically sexually harassed me. I'm never going back to 'the Other Bar

Sh*tty bar with s*itty employees. One of their "bouncers" got mad at us and said we were breaking bottles then proceeded to break a bottle then push 2 chicks down because he's such a "man". F*ck this bar, f*ck it's staff, f*ck everything about this place.” Said another.  

In total there are around 45-50 ratings. Around 30 are star ratings and around 16 are comment based reviews. 9 of the comment based reviews detail negative experiences, 7 are short and positive, and two out of the nine positive reviews are by both a staff member and a patron who has not yet visited the bar.

The “Other bar” has an average Yelp rating of 3/5 stars and the reviews are much the same.

Savannah spent her evening at the “Other bar” and left at around 2:30AM. She called her mother informing her that she was leaving the establishment but wouldn’t be home for a few hours. She always called her mother if she was going to be staying out later than usual, and that Friday night in January was no exception.

 Surveillance footage from the parking lot shows Miss Spurlock leaving the bar with two men. The time stamp on one image reads 02:34:32 and shows her arm in arm with one man with another walking slightly ahead.

 She did not know the men and had no prior connection to them. It is believed that they met for the first time that night at the bar.

Police would later identify the presence of a third man, who was not shown on the footage.

Savannah got into the backseat of a vehicle with two men while another followed behind in a separate car. From there it is believed that she was driven 40 miles from the establishment to a house in Garrad County. Garrad County is around an hour’s drive via US Route 27 and Lexington Street; it can also be reached via Interstate 75 South and Kentucky Route 52.

What happened after that remains a mystery.

Her cellphone powered off or went out of service between 8:30AM and 8:45AM that morning and nobody has been able to contact the 22 year old since.

Police were able to identify the men on the security tapes and interviewed them about their involvement with Savannah on the night that she went missing. The men claimed that Savannah left the house of her own accord that morning and said they had no idea where she could be. Police obtained and executed search warrants on both the residence and vehicles and found the missing woman’s purse in the back of one of the cars.

One of the men was stopped during a routine traffic stop while driving a black pickup truck that police had been on the lookout for. The other two men were quickly identified.

Savannahs family reject the idea that she left the house in Garrad County- a completely different county to the one she resided in, without her purse or money. They dismissed any suggestion that the mother of 4 would leave behind her children, especially her newborn twins who were just one month old at the time she went missing. They, along with many people following the case, are skeptical of the men’s story and commented that none of it makes any sense.

Police have not (at this time) filed any charges against the men Savannah left with that night and are not publicly revealing any further details, so as to avoid interfering with the investigation.  They have, however, asked locals and people who may have passed through the area at the time of the disappearance to come forward with any information that could aid them in solving the case.

Savannah is described as a 22 year old Caucasian female, standing at 5 foot tall and 140lbs. She has brown eyes, blonde hair and several tattoos including a rose on her should in black and white, “I am her daughter” on her back and the words “I can do all things through Christ with strengthens me”.

The “I am her daughter” tattoo many refer to a book published by author Licia Berry in 2016, which is a personal development and self-help book aimed women who seek to heal and love themselves while empowering others.

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