Murderded Hong Kong Social media influencer Abby Choi- the story so far

March 07, 2023

Fashion model, social media influencer, and philanthropist Abby Choi was born into a wealthy Hong Kong family and had a large social media following portraying her socialite life, brushing elbows with celebrities, wearing designer brands, eating at famous five-star restaurants and living a lavish life. She had a net worth of over $100 Million HKD.

In February 2023, 28-year-old Abby was reported missing after she failed to pick up her daughter from school, which was completely out of character. She was last seen getting into her car, driven by a hired driver, her ex-brother-in-law, with whom she had employed and remained friends.

 Three days later her headless body was discovered in small village house in a Hong Kong suburb. 

Abby Choi married her first husband, Alex Kwong Kong-chi, when she was just eighteen years old. The relationship produced two children and lasted around four years, ending in divorce.

According to reports, in 2015, Alex scammed four victims out of $630,000 (5 Million Hong Kong dollars.)

In 2016, When Abby was twenty-two, she and her new partner, Chris Tam, a businessman whose family owns the popular TamJai Yunnan Mixian, a restaurant in China, had an engagement ceremony, inviting their friends and family. They were not legally married, however, but had two children together and became a tight family unit. Abby was loved by Tam’s side of the family and would often spoil them with gifts and take them to dinners. A kind-hearted person, she continued to do the same for the parents and grandparents of her ex-husband, and had even went as far as to purchase an apartment for her ex-in laws at Kadoorla Hill Luxury Apartments in Hong Kong in her ex-farther-in-law, Kwong Kau’s, name. Her ex-father-in-law was once employed as a police chief but had since resigned. According to media outlets, in the early 2000’s Kwong Kau was accused of sexual assault and resigned as a result.

The family were reportedly well-off at the beginning of Abby’s relationship with Alex, however, their status paled in comparison to Abby Choi’s family’s vast wealth. By 2016, Alex’s mother had reportedly filed for bankruptcy.

She also hired Alex’s older brother, Anthony, to be her personal driver, paying his salary since he was unemployed at the time and helped him purchase a property of his own. Anthony had debt issues and ran into issues with his bank in 2019 for unpaid debt.

Not only did she support Alex’s family, whom she once considered her in-laws, she had also continued to support Alex financially, despite having long moved on. It has been speculated that Abby purchased the property in her ex-in-law’s names because she knew her children would be spending time with their side of the family and considered the area safer. Social media posts show that she was still socially close with her ex-in-law’s, often posting selfies and party pictures with them on social media. Her current in-laws would even mingle with her ex-in-laws and take vacations together and dine together now and again.

Despite what seemed like a close relationship between Abby and her ex-in-laws, they began fighting over finances when Abby disclosed that she wanted to sell the Kadoorla Hill apartment that she had initially purchased in Kwong Kau’s name. After speaking with a lawyer for advice, it is reported that Abby was told she could get back a chunk of her investment if she was able to prove with documentation that she was the one who paid for the property. This conflict between herself and her ex-in-laws came to a tragic end that resulted in her ex-in-laws family being referred to as the “real-life Parasite family” in the media.

Parasite is a Korean black comedy thriller released in 2019 that is set around a poor family who began working for a wealthy family whom they begin to feed off financially.

Abby’s headless body was found in the fridge of a small house in Tai Po, Hong Kong.  Reports state that some of her body parts had been cooked and some were refrigerated. A meat saw was said to be found at the scene as well as Choi’s identification.

Anthony Kwong Kong-kit, the victim's ex-brother-in-law and personal driver who is believed to be the last person to see Abby that day, was arrested as a suspect on February 25, 2023. His parents, Kwong Kau and Jenny Li Sui-Heung were also arrested. Alex Kwong was later apprehended trying to flee Hong Kong by boat, resulting in his arrest. Police believe the family may have killed Abby Choi over the argument about the apartment.

Alan Chung, Hong Kong Police Superintendent, told the New York Times: "We have reason to believe that this man, along with his father and elder brother, had a part in killing the deceased."

The following day, on February 26, 2023, Police discovered the victims head, as well as some of her ribs, in a pot of soup. Some of the victim’s body parts have not yet been recovered, including her hands.

Two more suspects were arrested in connection with the murder, including Ng Chi Wing, a woman in her mid-forties who has been described in reports as Kwong Kau's mistress. Chi Wing has been accused of hiding Alex Kwong Kong-Chi while he planned his escape. Lam Shun, an employee working at a company that rented Yachts, was also arrested on charges of aiding and abetting Alex Kwong during his attempted escape.

Alex Kwong Kong-chi, Anthony Kwong Kong-kit, and Kwong Kau were each charged with murder. Jenny Li Sui-Heung was charged with perverting the course of justice.

The story continues to develop. Check back for updates. 

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