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The Hollywood Ripper, Guilty

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 On August 14th, 1993, a teenage girl was found stabbed to death on her own doorstep in Cook County, Illinois. (Source) Seventeen year old Tricia Pacaccio was found by her father as he left the house that morning on his way out to work. As he opened the door, coffee in hand, he was met with a sight no father should ever have to see- his daughter had been stabbed to death in a frenzy and her lifeless body was slumped over the steps. Her shirt was saturated with blood and it looked as though she had just been about...

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Man accused of murdering roommate claims to be a serial killer

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A 32 year old tattoo artist named Nicholas Brent Gibson was arrested earlier this month in New York, in connection with the murder of his ex-roommate. (Source) Gibson was approached and detained by transit officers at a subway station in the East Village at around 9:30AM, where he was arrested for the murder of 77 year old Erik Stoker who had been killed in Florida several days earlier. The officers had received a wanted poster featuring the heavily tattooed man and recognized him instantly. Police believe the 32 year old was on the run at the time, but do not...

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Suspected Serial Killer Felix Vail

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Between the early sixties and mid-eighties six women dated and married a man named William “Felix” Vail. One drowned, two are still missing and several more divorced him almost as quickly as they had married. These days suspected serial killer Felix Vail sits in Louisiana state penitentiary serving out a life sentence for second degree murder, while the families of the women who fell for his charm spend their days investigating, grieving over and searching for their missing daughters. (Mary Horton and Bill. Source) Mary Horton married Vail in the summer of 1961. jJust one year later in 1962 she fell...

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Victim in 20 Year Old Utah Cold Case Identified as Lena Reyes-Geddes

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In Garfield County, Utah in April of 1998 a civilian passing through State route 276 milepost 8 noticed something suspicious on the roadside near Lake Powell and Ticaboo. A large bundle, roughly the length and dimensions of a human body, had been discarded just off the side of the road. The passerby contacted the local Garfield County Sheriff’s department and officers were quickly dispatched to the scene. When they unrolled the large rug they discovered a sleeping bag inside. Inside the sleeping bag was a patchwork of various plastic trash bags secured with duct tape and bound with rope. Nobody...

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Alexander "Hammer Killer" Ewing Charged with 1984 Bennett Family Murders

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On night of January 16th, 1984 a gruesome discovery was made at a house on 16300 East Center Drive, Aurora, Colorado. The bludgeoned bodies of husband and wife, Bruce and Debra Bennett, were discovered and it soon became evident that they had both attacked with a knife and beaten to death.  Later autopsies would reveal that the Bennett’s had died due to blunt force trauma and that their attacker had likely used a hammer. Investigators noted there was evidence of a struggle at the house. 28 year old Bruce Bennett had jumped into action when the attacker entered the family...

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