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Thai Serial Killer "Ice Metal Casket"

asia murder serial killer thailand

In the early eighties a wealthy market owner in Bang Khae, Thailand, watched in annoyance as a fifteen-year-old girl named Nuanprang Bunnag tapped on the glass of a fish tank, distressing the fish inside. Soon after the teenage girl was found dead and dismembered, her remains disposed of near Wat Phraya Krai. Investigation into the slaying would reveal that the market owner, Chaloemchai Ongwisit, had ordered his brother-in-law to assist him in Nuanprang’s murder. After a long stint in prison Ongwisit was released, only to be fatally shot. His wife, who was suspected to have ordered a hit against him,...

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Recently Solved Cold Case Leads to Suspected Serial Killer

cold case cold case solved missing murder serial killer solved usa

Over four decades ago sixteen-year-old student, Pamela Maurer, was found raped and murdered by the side of the road near College Street and Maple Avenue in the small village of Lisle, DuPage County, Illinois. The cause of death was ruled as strangulation and a nearby rubber hose found at the crime scene was believed to be the ligature used in her murder. On January 12th, 1976, Maurer had been visiting a friend in the neighbourhood.  When it came time to leave, the teenager decided to head to a nearby McDonalds to buy a soda when she was snatched off the...

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New Evidence in the Long Island Serial Killer Case

LISK long island serial killer serial killer unidentified unsolved USA

Suffolk County Police have recently released a photograph of a black leather belt embossed with the initials “WH” or “HW”. The belt is believed to belong to the Long Island Serial Killer and was recovered during the early stages of the investigation. Police are asking for anyone who recognizes the evidence to contact them or post a tip to their website. (Source) In the spring of 2010, a 24-year-old online escort named Shannan Gilbert went missing after placing a frantic phone call to 911 while out on a date in the Oak Beach area. She fled from the client’s house...

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New Jersey "Torso Killer" Confesses to Three More Murders

cold case murder new jersey torso killer richard cottingham serial killer solved usa

New Jersey Torso Killer, Richard Cottingham, has recently confessed to the unsolved murders of three women that took place in the sixties. (Source) The now 73-year-old serial killer, who was active from 1967 – 1980 and has spent almost three decades behind bars at the New Jersey State Prison for the murders of six females, confessed to the murders of an additional three teenage girls between 1968 – 1969. He claims that he abducted and murdered 18-year-old Irene Blase from Bogota On April 7th, 1969.  Her body was discovered the following day face down in a river in Saddlebrook. A...

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Sheep Flats Jane Doe and Killer Identified

jane doe serial killer usa

Mary Silvani didn’t have an easy life. Her father was homeless and her mother was never around. Mary heard her mother had been in and out of psychiatric institutions her whole life. She didn’t talk about her family to friends and classmates. Her parents died when she was sixteen and she was left homeless, along with her two siblings, Charles and Bob. When she was 24 years old she fell pregnant, but unable to keep her child, likely due to her circumstances, she gave it up for adoption. Mary later relocated to California with her brothers and what she did...

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