Father "enlightened" by QAnon and conspiracy theories confesses to killing own children with spearfishing gun

April 02, 2022

This post contains mention of harm towards children. Reader discretion is advised

On August 7, 2021, 40-year-old Matthew Taylor Coleman took his children, a daughter aged 10 months old, and son aged two years old, from the home he shared with their mother in California, and put them in the family van. He told his wife that he was taking the children camping but neglected to provide any further information such as where they were going and for how long. After he left, his wife texted him asking where he had taken the children and when they would return, but Coleman neglected to respond to any of the text messages. They had not had an argument or any incidents prior to Coleman leaving unannounced. Initially, the family were supposed to go camping together, however, Coleman took off in the family Mercedes Sprinter, leaving his wife behind. She soon noticed that he had neglected to take one of the children’s car seats. Concerned, Coleman's wife contacted the police to report her husband and children missing and what she believed could be a possible parental kidnapping.

When asked by an officer if she believed Mr. Coleman would harm their children, she answered that she did not believe the children were in danger. She ended the phone call saying that she did not need to meet a police officer in person and that she did not require any further assistance from the police. She believed Mr. Coleman and the kids would eventually come home. Unfortunately, this would not be the case.

The following day an officer showed up at the house to further question Mrs. Coleman about the whereabouts of her husband and kids. Both she, the officer and various family members had attempted to contact Matthew Coleman via phone, but none had succeeded, and Mr. Coleman had not responded to any missed calls or text messages. The officer suggested that Mrs. Coleman attempt to locate Matthew Coleman using the “find my iPhone” app. They soon discovered that Coleman’s last known location was logged as Pabellón Rosarito, Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico at 2:24pm that day- just a few hours prior to the officer’s visit. Pabellón Rosarito is an open-air shopping market in Rosarito, Mexico, a city close to the border, popular with American tourists who usually go for the surfing and nightlife. Matthew Taylor Coleman and his wife own the Lovewater surfing school in Santa Barbara.

At around 1:00pm on August 9, Mathew Coleman was arrested by the FBI as he returned to the U.S via the San Ysidro port border. The Mercedes Sprinter was briefly inspected by border control who discovered what they believed to be blood on the vehicle’s documents and registration papers. The children were not inside the vehicle.

The FBI contacted the SSPM Rosarito to report two missing American children. The SSPM revealed that the bodies of two children of matching age and description had been discovered that morning at around 8:00am. A Farmworker at a ranch near Rosarito in Baja California, less than an hour from the border, had happened upon the children's bodies concealed beneath shrubbery.

The SSPM forwarded photographs of the children’s bodies where large puncture wounds to their chests were evident.

Matthew Taylor Coleman was taken into an interview room at the border where he waived his Miranda rights during an interview with an FBI agent.

Mr. Coleman was quick to confess to his crimes and explained to the agent that on August 7, 2021, he loaded his children into the family van. He said he put his 10-month-old child into a box because he couldn't locate the car seat. He then drove to Mexico with the intention of killing both his children as he believed they had serpent blood, which they got from their mothers’ side of the family. He said that he needed to kill them before they grew into monsters.

At around 5:00am he parked up by a roadside near Rancho Del Cielo and shot each of his children in the chest with a spear fishing gun. He described wiggling one of the spears around as it didn't kill the child instantly. He said he injured himself in the process, cutting one of his hands. Coleman had the injuries to prove it.

After consuming QAnon content and researching conspiracy theories online, Matthew Coleman confessed to agents that he felt enlightened and started experiencing signs that his wife had serpent DNA and had passed it down to their children. He said although he knew it was wrong to kill his own children, that he had to do so to save the world from the monsters he believed they would become. It was the only way, he said.

After killing both his children, he disposed of their bodies in foliage around 30 yards from where he had killed them. He tossed the murder weapon and bloodied clothing in a creek a couple of miles from the location of the bodies and tossed bloody garments into a bin he passed in Tijuana.

On August 10, police in Mexico collected the spear fishing gun, as well as the bloodied clothing and blanket Coleman had disposed of en-route. Mexico Police provided U.S investigators with photographs of the evidence as well as footage from a hotel in Rosarito, Mexico showing that Matthew Coleman and his children had checked in. They left together on the morning of the murders and Coleman returned alone.

Matthew Taylor Coleman was transported to Santa Ana jail where he is currently being held without bond. He has been charged with foreign murder of United States nationals.

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