Mummified Body of "Love Has Won" Cult Leader Discovered in Moffat Home

April 02, 2022

On April 25, 2021, the mummified remains of Amy "Lia" Carslon, whose body had been wrapped in a sleeping bag and fairy lights and covered with glitter, was discovered in a trailer in Saguache County, Moffat, Colorado. Carlson was the leader of an alternative spirituality group named Love Has Won. The group, thought to be a cult, was formed by Carslon in 2006 when she was in her early thirties. At the time she was working at a fast-food restaurant and was married with children, however, she left her life behind in pursuit of a new venture in new age spirituality where she claimed she was a God who would lead her followers into a 5th dimension. Her followers, who refer to her as “mom”, believe she is a divine being who has reached full enlightenment and consciousness and has been sent to save humanity.

Carlson had been dead for several weeks before her remains were discovered. Her eyes had been removed from her head and her face was reportedly covered in glitter. Due to the extent of decay, medical examiners were unable to identify her by her fingerprints.

The groups website,, which has now been taken down, has a mission statement from Carlson published alongside an image of her with her eyes closed and hands clasped in prayer that reads:

Hello Loves, I am Mother GOD!

For quite some time you had been praying that I come back to help you, because of that I decided I had enough of the Dark Forces kidnaping my Planet and my children, so HERE I AM IN THE FLESH!

I was born on November 30, 1975, in Kansas USA. This is my 534th reincarnation in my quest to recover my beloved Planet, the Center of the Universe, and the first Planet I created. They tried to assassinate me 589 times this lifetime, but LOVE HAS WON! I love you.

I’ve done my part and now you have to get a move on because you wasted eons thinking you had a life under the manipulation of the Cabal, who used you like cattle.

Get a move on because this Planet is ascending and you need to reconnect with PRIME SOURCE CREATOR, ME! So that you can ignite your light bodies & can protect you again.

You are either with me or against me. The experiment of Free Will has been declared a failure!!! It is VOID, everything exists under Divine Will once more. THANK GOD LOL

Get a move on!

Carlson referred to herself as God and claimed to have been reincarnated hundreds of times. She claimed she had manifested on Earth in physical form in response to the prayers of her followers, whom she referred to as team members or the First Contact Ground Crew Team. Holistic healing, Etheric surgeries and spiritual sessions were offered on the group’s website. The group also touted colloidal silver as a cure for Covid-19- which Carlson was said to consume in large quantities.

Followers of Love Has Won also appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil in September 2020, where they attempted to defend the actions of Carlson and the group. Carlson had been accused of abusing alcohol and being abusive to followers. Ex-members describe drug abuse and lack of sleep contributing to the “scary” behaviour of Love Has Won members. Despite footage and reports of Carlson drinking excessively, members maintained that there was a no-drug policy.

“She’s organic, so she’s not going to consume pharmaceuticals, but she does it with alcohol, which is organic and that’s what she explains is a natural painkiller because she cannot take morphine” one follower said in a video.

A VICE documentary, Meet 'Mother God:' The Leader of Love Has Won’, shows clips of Carlson intoxicated, drinking shots at a table and proclaiming: “Jesus fucking mother fucking Christ- who I am”.

In the short documentary ex-members said they were permitted only 4-5 hours’ sleep, were not paid for their work, were malnourished from lack of food and were told free will was a sin. Members constantly live streamed and pedalled holistic and new age cures which they sold on their website and worked to receive donations from viewers. The internet was said to be their main form of recruitment and ex-members said they felt brainwashed. Amy Carlson claimed that Donald Trump was her father and claimed that she could cure viewers of her live streams from diseases like cancer using so-called “colloidal and etheric surgery for ultimate healing”.

Authorities also told media outlets that they had received complaints about the group abusing members and scamming followers out of money. One neighbour who lived near the Love Has Won base in Moffat told reporters: “We’ve been trying to ask the sheriff and the county for three years now to get this place shut down as a public nuisance and we’re ignored. We have to sleep- we have people up at night, um, we sleep in shifts because we’re so scared to go to bed with them here now. These are very scary people.”

When asked to explain why in one video Amy Carlson was seen sending a crying child to be locked in a dark closet, her followers attempted to rationalize the act of abuse as a form of "time out". Carlson can be seen in another clip losing her patience with a pet cat.

Love Has Won had relocated several times over the years. They were reportedly based in Colorado for the most part but relocated to the island of Kauai in Hawaii in 2020 where they rented out a house in Wainiha. Articles describe how the group was forced out after neighbours and locals protested them for a total of three days. Carlson had claimed to be Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire, wind, dancing and volcanoes, offending the locals who gathered in protest of what they deemed to be the groups predatory and exploitative ideologies. Love Has Won eventually left of their own accord as they were reportedly concerned for their safety after peaceful protests got out of hand and the groups residence and vehicle were damaged.

Amy Carlson and her partner, Jason Castello, who referred to themselves as “the mother and father of God”, were escorted to the airport. Eleven of their members followed and together they returned to Colorado where they lived in a cramped home. Some videos of the members taken at the Moffat home they shared together depicts a stressful, loud and over-crowded environment.

Jason Castillo, Amy Carlson's most recent lover and "Father God", with a criminal history including child neglect, breaking and entering and DUI's, appears in video clips screaming into a microphone, in one clip shouting "surrender you son of a bitch!" Castillo and Carlson can be seen in clips online tormenting and verbally abusing their followers.

Carlson claimed to have cancer in September 2020 and said she was unable to move her lower body. The group did regular livestreams in which they hinted at Carlson’s declining health. Investigators believe that she may have died outside of Colorado, likely California, and that her body was likely later transported across state lines. The members had reportedly been staying in a trailer park in California but were asked to leave because of overcrowding.  

The body was discovered after it was reported to authorities by a cult member named Miguel Lamboy. Lamboy, who told police he lived at the residence with his son, claims other members tried to prevent him and his child from leaving. He said he left his home to go on a trip and returned to find Amy Carlson's body in his home. 

“Mom has ascended, and her mission is over” a follower said in a livestream after Carlson’s death. It is unclear if members held on to Carlson’s corpse because they believed she would reincarnate.

Seven members of Love Has Won have been arrested in connection with the case. The members have been named as Jason “Father of God” Castillo, Karin Raymond, Christopher Royer, Sarah Rudolph, Ma Obdulia Franco-Gonzalez, Ryan Kramer and John Robertson. The members have been charged with abuse of a corpse as well as child abuse as there were reportedly two children present in the cult.

Autopsy results and toxicology reports are pending, and it appears the group has rebranded online under the handle 5D Full Disclosure.

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