Disappearance of Trevor Deely

April 02, 2022

On the 8th of December 2000, 22 year old Trevor Deely disappeared after a night out in Dublin, Ireland.


The young bank worker from Naas, County Kildare, was described by friends and family as likeable, warm, friendly and very enthusiastic about his career. After a Christmas party and hitting the clubs with fellow colleagues from his job at the Bank of Ireland asset management, Deely left early and headed towards his office on Wilton terrace.

Grainy CCTV footage showed Deely making his way to the office. The stormy weather is later evident in the footage as rain drops pound the pavement at his feet.

The tape starts off at 03.05 and shows an unknown man in black clothing standing by one of the gates outside of Trevor’s workplace.

At 03.34am the man appears to take a quick phone call.

Around 19 seconds later Trevor shows up and seems to walk past, not acknowledging the man. Trevor is apparently on the phone, he is talking to his co-worker who is inside the building working the night shift. (This was confirmed by an investigating officer on an episode of “crime call”)

The unidentified man seems to suddenly follow Trevor Deely despite previously remaining in position for just under half an hour before. He seems to pass Trevor and be ahead of him in the next frame (CCTV from the second larger gate).

At 03.35am the two seem to be conversing briefly and there seems to be no aggressive body language, but what was said is unknown. He didn’t mention anything to his co-worker, which makes me think it wasn’t anything significant; although he did hang around for over 40 minutes inside before leaving.

At 03.36am Trevor opens the gate and goes into his place of work. The man remains outside at the gates. The stranger turns to look in the direction of Trevor.

While inside the office Trevor Deely begins to check his emails. He was described as reading them rather than composing any. He also had a chat with a co-worker over a cup of tea in the cafeteria where he apparently described the enjoyable night out he’d just had.

Trevor was described by his coworker in an episode of “unsolved” as “in good form” and, as expected after a night out, “a little bit tipsy” but “not drunk”. He is believed to have been in control.

Usually Trevor would have taken a taxi home. Especially considering the terrible weather, but on this night taxis were few and far between, so he vocalized his decision to walk home.

(Note: CCTV skips from 03:36 – 04:01)

At 04.02am Trevor leaves his office and is seen on the CCTV footage going out of the gate, closing it behind him, zipping up his jacket and putting up a large umbrella.

We don’t see the 22 year old again until 04.14am on CCTV from Haddington road.

Many people seem to speculate that it took him 2X longer than it should have for him to walk this distance, but Google maps suggests it’s around a 9 minute walk. He was tipsy and the weather was terrible so 11 mintues doesn’t seem like that much of a difference to me.

Ominously, an unidentified man in a similar looking outfit (thought to be the same man from earlier, although not officially confirmed to be) follows half a minute behind Deely.

You can watch the CCTV footage here <<

If you find it slightly confusing watch this version here <<

Trevor neglected to show up to work the next day. Highly out of character for someone who was so enthusiastic about his job. He didn’t turn up the following Monday either and had failed to respond to any phone calls. This failure to notice that he was missing set the investigation 48 hours back.

Trevor Deely has never been seen again.

Did this unidentified man have a hand in the disappearance of Trevor, or was he simply just another stranded party-goer who happened to be walking the same way?

In my opinion this man appears to be waiting for as well as following Deely. He stayed in one place for almost 30 minutes and only moved when Deely walked by, stopping outside of his workplace and continuing to wait. If he is indeed the same man in Haddington street footage he is undoubtedly following the missing man. If this is the case, did he know his victim? Was he being fed information? He did appear to take a call a minute or so before Deely showed up. If so, why? And who would have a grudge against a young man who was seemingly well liked by everyone around him?

Did Trevor have an accident? Like falling into the Canal on the way home?

The canal was searched as well as the water ways around and connected to it.

According to Tosh Lavery, who was head of the Garda sub aqua unit that performed the search, it was an “easy job”, and one that his team had performed several times with success. The search was even extended out further despite the stillness of the canal and still turned up nothing.

Another curious point mentioned in the episode of “Unsolved” dealing with Deely's disappearance is the investigative work that his brother took the initiative to perform. He walked all of the potential routes that Trevor could have taken home and when passing the US embassy took it upon himself to question one of the guards for information. The guard informed him that no commotion or suspicious activity had been reported that night. Coincidentally, the entire area had been inspected and secured in preparation for an upcoming visit from the President.

If there was a body or anything untoward to be discovered in the area, it’s highly likely that it would have turned up in a detailed military search of the area.

Local trash cans and dumpsters were also checked, although this could have been in vain on account of the 48 hour delay in the investigation.

I came across this video with in a still in it that I had never seen before.


The still itself appears to be from 03:37am (When Trevor was still inside) and shows three men in black standing outside of the gates. Users in the comment section on the video point out that 2 of these men are employees of the bank- if this true, why wasn’t a detailed description of the main suspect forwarded to the local authorities? I found this very confusing. I found another video showing the same footage and a comment saying that police had ruled out two of the men as suspects as they were identified as work colleagues.

This YouTube video describes what I’m talking about.


Recently there have been some updates in the case and reports that the Gardaí are in the process of searching for Trevor’s remains in a local, council owned, woodland area near the R112, spanning 3 acres of land. The nature and source of the new information has not yet been revealed. A €100,000 reward has been offered in the hope of closing the 17 year old cold case. The Sun newspaper states that the tipster has not claimed the reward.

 Trevor Deely tip map

(The area. Source)

The man in black still, however, remains unidentified.

This news report from the Irish times on the 11th of August 2017, indicates that Deely may have been murdered by a known criminal in the area. Although there seem to be no links between the two, it could have possibly been a “spur of the moment” killing. Apparently, investigators know the spot they’re supposed to be digging but it hasn’t been confirmed if they are in search of remains or another piece of evidence.

If you have any information on this case, please do not hesitate to contact the Garda Confidential Line on 1800-666111.

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