Search warrant application released last month reveals Matthew Taylor Coleman's beliefs before murdering his children in Mexico

April 12, 2022

On August 7, 2021, 40-year-old Matthew Taylor Coleman, a surf instructor from Santa Barbara, California, took his children, a ten month old daughter, Roxy, and two year old son, Kaleo, from the home he shared with their mother in California, and put them in the family van. He drove them over the border into Mexico where he killed them both with a spear-fishing gun.

When asked why he killed his own children, he said that he believed they had serpent blood, which they got from their mothers’ side of the family. He added that he “needed to kill them before they grew into monsters.”

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A search warrant released last month on March 28, further details Colemans state of mind before he committed the crimes. These new details are as follows: 

The affidavit states that Coleman told FBI agents that shortly before he killed his son and daughter, he had a vision before he fell asleep where he saw "all the pieces being decoded like in The Matrix," that revealed to him “the bigger picture.”  He also stated that he believed he was the main character of the movie, Neo. This newfound “clarity” came just days before Coleman murdered his kids.

These visions, he said, revealed to him that his wife, Abby, possessed serpent DNA and had likely passed it on to her children, whom he decided he had to slay, as he feared they would further spread it into the population. As part of the "bigger picture," Coleman said he was convinced that he had to murder his own children before they grew into an alien species that would "released carnage over the Earth."

Another claim Coleman made, was that his children, a ten month old daughter and two year old son, had revealed to him that babies were being “put in food, walls and fireworks.” He also claimed that his son had told him that his wife and her sister had been abusing him.

Text messages exchanged between Matthew and Abby are contained within the affidavit. The exchanges suggest that Abby Coleman was aware that Coleman was getting wrapped up in Q-Anon conspiracies and had researched them herself. Friends of Matthew Coleman confirmed that he had been spending increasing more time scouring Q-Anon forums and websites and that it had began to consume more and more of his time.

On August 8, 2021, less than two hours before the murders, Matthew Coleman purportedly wrote to Abby:

"Hi babe, miss you too, things have been rough but starting to get some clarity as well. Still confused on a lot of things though and processing through them. So many crazy thoughts going through my head right now, hard to explain."

Matthew Coleman also wrote: "Yeah, funny you're getting some clarity through my grandma's old Bibles," he continued. "Wasn't there two. Anyways, was actually still thinking of burning them in case there’s a chip in them or something. Going to keep processing through everything and hope to get some answers. Hope all this craziness ends soon. Love you."

Abby Coleman purportedly wrote to Matthew Coleman not long after the murders:

"We are doing this together, babe. Praying for clarity over you and your mind this morning. Everything you've believed and known to be true is happening right now. I'm partnering with you from SB. Let's take back our city. The gateway of revival for the state of California and the nation and the world. You were created to change the course of world history. Take care of my little giant slayer and the voice of heaven's dove. They sure are special."

In later 2021, a friend of Colemans said: "It was obvious that he was spending a lot of brainpower on it, He was constantly checking those sites on his phone. He spent hours each day just glued to his phone looking at that stuff. He'd read me things off his phone and say, 'Listen to this one.' And then he'd show me other posts of other people who believed the strangest things."

Coleman’s friend, who remains unnamed in the media, was right to be concerned. The affidavit revealed that Coleman had been taking screenshots of friends posts on Instagram, believing that they were making secret hand gestures in photographs that indicated to Coleman that they were “in on it” and being used to “get to him.” Coleman believed these hand gestures, which were common poses, such as peace signs, indicated evil. Less than a month before he travelled with his children to Mexico he had confronted a friend and accused them of being in cahoots with an evil Satanic cannibalistic pedophile group for simply making hand signs in pictures on social media.

According to this friends interview with the FBI, Abby Coleman invited him over not long after Matthew had left for Mexico. Once there, Abby allegedly accused the friend of the same thing- being involved in an Evil group based on the hand gestures they made in photos. Abby then allegedly pulled up a photograph of the friend making the same hand gesture as a group as "evidence" before demanding they leave the Colemans home and running them off the property.

The affidavit states that Abby Coleman admitted to investigators that she had been looking up QAnon theories with her husband but indicated that he was in deeper than her and his paranoia extended to the people in his everyday life and the idea that they may be involved in the conspiracies Matthew believed in. The QAnon political conspiracy theory is based on the claims that Donald Trump is secretly battling an evil group of Satanic cannibalistic pedophiles who are involved in a global child sex trafficking ring.

According to the affidavit, Abby Coleman said that Matthew had started to believe that the net was closing in and that his friends, family and even the local church were involved.  

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